09 February, 2012

Epic Wheel of Time Giveaway #2: The Great Hunt

Here we go again, we're giving away book number two in The Wheel of Time, The Great Hunt [US] [UK] [Audible]. Remember, this is the audiobook.

This is another great installment in the series (you can read a couple of my thoughts here) and Michael Kramer and Kate Reading (love the irony) do another stellar job. I'm not lying when I say it's the best way to do a reread and there's something about someone else's way of reading that helps you see things in another light that you may have missed before.

Here's a clip:

Giveaway Rules

If you are interested in getting your hands on the The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan on audiobook, then follow the exceedingly simple instructions below.

E-mail me your name and address at onlythebestsff@[removethis]gmail.com, with "The Great Hunt...for my car keys, why do I have to do this every morning?" as the subject of the email (or at least something that lets me know what the email is about). This goes without saying, but double emails get you disqualified.

Snarky comments increase your chances of winning and win bonus entries for future giveaways. I'm sorry to say this is open in the US only as long as delivery doesn't require the mounting of an expedition into remote wilderness.


Unknown said...

I LOVE audiobooks

Bryce L. said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have sent you the information you requested, Just make sure you deliver it personally...The USPS hasn't been too trustworthy lately...

P.S. - Mine is the one with Arthur for a name.

P.S.C.H - (Pretty Snarky Comment Here)

I Thank You in Advance!