01 April, 2012

Breaking News: Leaked Draft of A Memory of Light

LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: I am simply linking to this. I had no part in releasing it to the public or posting it online. Please download it at your own risk.

According to sources over on Dragonmount, A Memory of Light, the final installment in the Wheel of Time series has leaked to the public. The leak came about as an accidental email reply of a draft from Harriet to Brandon. Apparently auto-fill completed an e-mail address which was intended to be Brandon's but instead was that of a fan, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The leaked draft of A Memory of Light has been posted here. It contains what appears at first glance to be suggestions and comments from Harriet and reveals an interesting dispute about the ending of the story.

I fully expect my soul to go to hell for this. Good reading and happy endings fellow fans.


Anonymous said...

OMG! It was so good try, but some ppl read the link descriptions, so, you should have masked it ;)

Bryce L. said...

A lesson we must constantly learn - no one is ever right on the internet. :D

Sam Fuller said...

That's awesome. Never would have seen that coming!