07 April, 2012

Convince Me: Star Trek Novels

This is a new segment I've been thinking about for a while. There are a certain number of books that I get in the mail that I honestly just don't have time for. Then, there are books I hear are good, but that I just have no interest in. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to convince me that I actually should give these books a try.

This first installment of "Convince Me" is a bit different from what I originally foresaw because I'm all but sure I want to read one of these books, I just need some direction....

It's confession time at Only the Best and I've got one big whopper of a confession to make. I've never read a Star Trek book. Never. Ever. That's not to say I haven't enjoyed the movies or the episodes of the TV show I've watched, but I don't think I can ever be accused of being a die-hard fan.

The Star Trek books seem to have their own unique subset of fans and I'm not even sure if the same people that read this blog and other blogs I read even read any. I hope to find at least a couple this way.

But I need some help. Who is a favorite author in the Star Trek universe? Where do I even start? Well, I at least have a starting point. I've received a total of 8 books as of today thanks to Pocket Books and I'd like to give at least one (if not more) a try. Please help me pick one.

Here they are:

That Which Divides by Dayton Ward

Star Trek: Destiny (Omnibus) by David Mack

Star Trek: Enterprise: The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm by Michael A. Martin (Wins longest title I've ever seen award)

Star Trek: A Choice of Catastrophes by Michael Schuster and Steve Mollman

Books I don't think I'll try since they're the final volumes in a series, but I'll post them anyway:

 Star Trek: Vanguard: What Judgments Come (Vanguard #7) by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore

Star Trek: Vanguard: Storming Heaven (Vanguard #8) by David Mack

Whether you've read these or not, whether you know anything about the Star Trek universe or not, I'd love to hear your opinion. Which book looks good to you? Please comment and let me know.


kevbayer said...

I've read a bunch of Trek novels. For a long while, they were all self-contained, outside of continuity/canon.

After DS9 went off the air, the publishers took the stories that take place after the DS9 Finale and started pulling all their disparate series together and trying to make them all into a cohesive continuity (much like the star wars expanded universe).

I've enjoyed reading them, but like the Star Wars books, there's just so many and so many different stories. And even if you just stick with your favorite incarnation, you're going to run into crossovers.

Out of the books you listed, Star Trek: Destiny is probably a good place to start. It relaunches the relaunch of the trek books with all the crews in a cohesive story.

Anonymous said...

I'll second the previous comments from Mr Bayer.

Star Trek Destiny is a good starting place.

It was the first Trek novel I read and now there's no going back. I'm really enjoying the continuing stories.

Unknown said...

I will have to send my Mum over, she's read just about every Trek novel there is :)
I've dipped into a few, I like TOS stories better, I suppose because I grew up with them. There was a quartet I really enjoyed, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it, which is obviously no help whatsoever :)

..Some Googling has revealed...it was The Captain's Table series, there's a Pike one in there I loved

Bryce L. said...

Thanks a ton! I started reading one of the books, I forget which one, and I was sucked in immediately. But, I figured I should figure out a better place to start.

I think Destiny it is!