21 November, 2012

Night Shade Books At It Again - Free Books!

Night Shade Books is offering three free ebooks in similar style to its last free giveaway. Just send them an email and get the password and link to free ebooks. It's painlessly simple. Says Night Shade:
Email happythanksgiving[at]nightshadebooks[dot]com and you’ll receive an auto response from Night Shade Books with a username, password and link to our download site where you’ll be able to download the .epub or .mobi files of some of their most exciting and appropriately scrumptious titles: Agatha H and the Airship City by Phil and Kaja Foglio, Of Blood and Honey by Stina Leicht, and The Emperor's Knife by Mazarkis Williams. ("at" and "dot" added) 
If you have any reservations about Night Shade Books, please take this opportunity to try one of their books out. I doubt you'll be disappointed. I have been highly impressed by their take on fantasy, they're not afraid to push the envelope and provide new and innovative approaches to the genre, which only deserves to be encouraged.


adam-p-reviews said...

Which book of theirs would you suggest?

ediFanoB said...

Thanks a lot for the hint!

It is as easy as you described.

Bryce L. said...

@adam - This year I read a few I can highly recommend: Scourge of the Betrayer and The Whitefire Crossing (actually read the sequel).

Of those listed for free here, I haven't read any, but I haven't heard a bad thing about Of Blood and Honey. Also, The Emperor's Knife was the only one I didn't already own.

@edi - No prob, glad to help grow your very short list of books to read. :)

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