30 November, 2012

Video - A Memory of Light, the Final Book in The Wheel of Time

This video got me really excited to jump back into The Wheel of Time. What a great series, even with its slow parts, that manages to be a rich epic fantasy series that encouraged many people's entrance into fantasy reading (and subsequent obsession in some). I've heard Brandon Sanderson does a great job taking over where the legend that is Robert Jordan started. It will be great to finally have an ending, with the final scene written by the man himself, Robert Jordan.
Brandon Sanderson, Harriet McDougal, Tom Doherty, Jason Denzel, and Patrick Rothfuss discuss Robert Jordan's legendary Wheel of Time series.

I like what Brandon Sanderson says at the end of this video. Fans from here on out will be lucky to have the complete series, but we've been lucky in that we've had the chance to wait, to theorize, to get really excited even. I added that last part. :)

May a wind from the north and east propel you on your journey of finishing The Wheel of Time and may that Age leave memories that become legend that turn into myth!