08 January, 2013

A Memory of Light, Book 14 in the Wheel of Time Released Today!

I couldn't let this momentous occasion pass me by. Today is the release of the final book in the Wheel of Time, A Memory of Light. Over 20 years in the making, this is quite the exciting day. I'm just glad none of my predictions came true.

(Warning: Sanderson gets into some of the final books, not to a great degree, but it's there if you're worried about spoiling anything at all)

Here are some of the reviews that have come out so far (none of which I've actually read!):

Tor (spoiler review)

Neth Space (review) (spoiler reactions) (interview with Brandon Sanderson)

Wertzone (review)

Fantasy Literature (review)

Grasping for the Wind (review)


Bob/Sally said...

I took a drive over the mall at lunch and picked up my copy. Avoiding the reviews like the plague until I've had a chance to give it a read. :)

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Carl V. Anderson said...

As a reader in general and a fantasy/science fiction lover specifically I'm very happy for all the fans of Jordan that this day has finally come. It is very exciting, the culmination of a lifetime of work and I'm happy Robert Jordan had the foresight to do the work he was able to do before he passed away. Hope all the fans are pleased with the final book and that it makes all the years of waiting worthwhile.

Mike said...

I gave up on the Wheel of Time series sometime ago. Way back at Lord of Chaos.

But, it pleases me to know extent that the fans finally get their ending. That this giant opus finally sees a conclusion and done by a great author.

It's a great legacy for Jordan. The Wheel of Time set the bar for Epic giant epic novels.

One day, I may just pick it up again. :)

Mirza Ghalib said...

A fitting end to the Wheel of Time. The characters shine throughout the series, most ends tied with the future left to the reader's imagination. There are parts to make you cry and parts to make you laugh. The Last Battle is upon us and the Dragon reborn goes to Shayol Ghul to battle the Dark One. There was many battle scenes and they show Jordan's military genius with beautifully written. The epilogue except for some parts has been wholly written by RJ before his death.

I started reading in the evening and did not stop till next morning