06 February, 2013

The Verdict's In - Painted Man versus Warded Man

I'm hanging out at the AMA for author, Peter V. Brett, at the moment and asked a question that's probably been asked a thousand times:
Painted or Warded? Which word did you originally write?
I always thought it was just a title thing, but got copies of UK and US books that have the respective word throughout the book (duh!).
Brett's response:
Painted was the original, though when my US publisher (for reasons still unknown) insisted on changing it, I was the one who came up with the alternate title and insisted on having it changed throughout. Over time I came to prefer “warded” over “painted”, but there no wrong answer. 
And knowing is half the battle.

I just wanted to shout out that the AMA's are awesome. Take some time to figure reddit.com out if you haven't already and get an author you love to respond to a question you have. It's "Ask Me Anything" so everything you can think of is on the table...which usually means lots of jokes and silliness but lots of fun.

Also, I'm about 70% through The Daylight War (which is released next week! February 12) and it's just candy. I love this world Brett's created.


Bob/Sally said...

I was curious how the Painted/Warded Man discrepancy came about. I actually prefer The Warded Man, but it's interesting to hear how Brett ensured the change permeated the text.

Bryce L. said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm sure he gets that question all the time, but what the hey. :)