09 July, 2013

Review - Inheritance (Heir to the Blood Throne #1) by Tim Marquitz

Rupert is a thirteen-year-old orphan attempting to gain what little moments of joy he can from his miserable life. Between bullies and orphanage staff, he can't catch a break and yet it only gets worse when he's actually adopted ... by Jack the Ripper.

That's as bad as it gets, right? Well, Jack happens to be a vampire who plans not only to turn Rupert, but also to put him in charge of the estate while he leaves to attend to important business.

And Jack has lots of enemies that want to get into the estate.

Inheritance [US - only $0.99] [UK - only £0.77] is not your typical vampire tale, at least not your modernly typical vampire tale. The vampires aren't sexy in any way and Tim fills this world with his typical flair for awesomely grotesque monsters (i.e. a monster made of monsters - genius!). Vampires serve a purpose here and also explain Jack the Ripper's behavior. And in addition to great monsters, Rupert has a couple friends to help him out and explain the situation while the master of the house is away.

Inheritance is a coming of age tale for Rupert. As an orphan in a rough environment, he hasn't ever had it easy, but he also is forced to grow up quickly in his new environment as Jack's enemies converge.

I highly enjoyed Inheritance, book one of Heir to the Blood Throne. The only real criticism I can give is that it felt like it needed a bit more to the story as things just get ramped up and then the book is over. However, its biggest fault being that I want to read more is not really a bad thing now is it?

As a young adult book, Tim shows he can do it expertly, just like his adult horror and urban fantasy. Rupert was the quintessential thirteen-year-old, unsure of himself and his powers and willing to make it work. The monsters are classic Marquitz, I loved reading them and can't wait for more.

4 out of 5 Stars (highly recommended)


Anonymous said...

I was really impressed with this one myself. The whole time I was reading it, I kept wishing it was something that was around when I was 12, because it's exactly what I wanted to read at that age!

Bryce L. said...

Haha, me too. And definitely looking forward to more.

The Reader said...

Wow I really ought to get to this one. Congrats on the great review Bryce. You totally sold me on it.


emmanuel said...

wow that is really a sad story, from being an orphan to being adopted by a vampire, ooh i would really want to read the complete story

Bryce L. said...

@Mihir - Thanks man, I'm sure you'll enjoy. Classic Tim.

@emmanuel - Very sad, but he makes some good friends and it's really not all that sad from there.