29 March, 2014

Quick Look - What Makes This Book So Great by Jo Walton

I really wanted to post about this new book by Jo Walton (one of a few coming out this year by the author), but I find that if I wait until I'm done reading, it'll be years before I can say anything.

And the reason for that is right there in the title. What Makes This Book So Great is about as clever as you can get for a book containing Jo Walton's reviews and other posts she has done for Tor.com, referring to both the reviews and the immediate book.

Full of wonderful reviews, Walton covers many classics of fantasy and science fiction and does so with so much love of the genre that it compels you to check them out. As if I don't have enough in mount-to-read, this book covers so many I have and haven't heard of and I have to have them all. Now, you see why I can't possibly read this book all at once. It makes me go track down other books!

In addition to wonderful reviews, there are plenty of other articles, such as one of my favorites so far, "How to Talk to Authors."

In this world where authors are so much more accessible than they ever have been, from blogs to twitter to the endless supply of comic conventions, chances are you have the opportunity to meet an author. Don't make a fool of yourself with such simple advice as don't say "I'm sorry, but I haven't read any of your books." Because, well, what does someone say to that? As, Walton points out, "Writers see their sales figures. They know that statistically it's unlikely that you've read their books."

I'm really enjoying this book and wanted to let you know a little about it even though I'm nowhere near close to finishing it. It's one of those read when you are in the mood and highly recommended because Jo Walton's love for the genre is infectious.