14 March, 2014

The Fall of Gyes - Stunning Kickstarter Graphic Novel

I get lots of submissions to post about Kickstarter projects and I try to not post too many because, well, this isn't one of the plenty of Kickstarter/pledge-backed-projects blogs. I guess I invite them by posts such as these, but sometimes I can't help it.

Used with permission.
This would be one of those times apparently. After checking out the page, which you can do here, or some of the pictures in this post, I'm sure you'll be as blown away as I was. (Click to embiggen)
"They called it the Reset, the great apocalypse that nearly destroyed all of civilization. In the blink of an eye nuclear fire laid waste to the planet, and those that survived were buried in ash."
Used with permission.
Probably my favorite, a glimpse of the underground city:

Used with permission.
Whether you can donate or not, check out the rest of the pics and the story sounds pretty cool too.