02 April, 2014

Review - The Master of Whitestorm by Janny Wurts

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I've begun to realize that reading fantasy** has given me a superpower. It's not generally considered a superpower per se, but it IS a power I've received from my reading ventures. And maybe it's not necessarily a power, but it is a skill and really that's all superpowers are right? Cool skills. 

**Quite possibly reading fiction in general, but I like to think it's just fantasy

Fine, okay, but Batman's a superhero and has no superpower ... so maybe it fits in there, somewhere.

Does this have a point? Why would you ask?

That superpower (sticking with it!) is that of perception. Rarely have I seen it better displayed than in The Master of White Storm by Janny Wurts. <

The power of perception (alliteration makes it a power) is prominently on display here as Korendir begins his plan of escape as a galley slave, rowing for his Mhurga slave masters.

Not only is it all but unforeseen for slaves to escape the Mhurga, if one does escape, that slave is hunted down along with his or her family and all killed or made to suffer. In essence, you have to be crazy to mess with them.

It's through his perception that Korendir sees holes in his slavers' characters and in their routines and he exploits them after years of preparation and careful study.

It's amazing what being perceptive can do for you. Through reading, I have personally become more perceptive. I walk into a room and I notice things that others wouldn't normally notice. I can spot characters in movies and point them out in older or newer shows they are in without the use of IMDB (a highly lucrative power I have).

Most importantly, and something that has been pointed out in studies and articles, perception helps to give you empathy. If there is anything the world needs more of, it's empathy.

Korendir is a character with a world of empathy and that's what makes him such a strong and wonderful character. Janny Wurts understands exactly what that means and I've noticed that this is a powerful trait in many of my favorite characters she writes. They understand other people and will do anything to prevent others from suffering. Anything they have they will give to alleviate that suffering.

Wurts weaves a powerful tale as Korendir comes into his power and takes on task after task because that is the kind of person he is. He could sit back and enjoy his life, but he doesn't. I took away a powerful lesson. It's nice to think about what life would be to relax and take it easy. To have your every need taken care of. But how can you do so with so many people out there in need?

The Master of Whitestorm is a stand-alone book, filled with adventure after adventure. It's much more straight-forward than say The Wars of Light and Shadow, but that's a given since 450 pages can't contain the depth and complexity of an 11 volume (circa 800 pages per book) series. This is an excellent entry point into the works of Janny Wurts just like To Ride Hell's Chasm, which I reviewed earlier.

4.5 out 5 Stars (highly recommended)

Note: The Master of Whitestorm was recently re-released in ebook format and it is also under production for an audiobook, so that's great news for you headphone jockeys out there.


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