30 April, 2009

Check It Out: Site Remodeling Complete

    After a full day of messing with Templates, HTML, CSS, and Widgets, Only The Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy is starting to look pretty decent. From knowing nothing about making a blog to uploading a custom template and editing it to my specifications, I have learned a lot!
     The trickiest part was undoubtedly getting the blog pages to fold so as to make new post easily visible. The only glitch that that left me with is the "Read More..." that stuck to posts created before the change. All considered that is fine with me since I need to go back over those anyway and format them to the style of my Bright of the Sky review.
     My favorite part by far of the whole site redesign is the header pic. It pretty much captures exactly what the site is about, science fiction and fantasy.
     I know I was sneaky making you click the "Read More..." just there but I needed to test it to see if it works properly! Thanks for being my unwitting test dummies.
     Of course, as I add more sorely lacking content, I'll have to add more widgets and navigation tools. I am betting that it will be a pleasure compared to the day I just had though.
     Lastly, I want to know what you think. Does the redesign hurt your eye? Are you prompted to spam you back button? Or are you pleasantly surprised? Especially to the SFF book bloggers out there, let me know what you think I should add/change. I value your vast experience and perspective on the matter.


ediFanoB said...

Well done! I like it. It looks so feshly.

Desert Star Construction said...

I will check it out. Thanks for the info. :)