22 April, 2009

Review: The Dreaming Void, by Peter F. Hamilton

The Dreaming Void (The Void Trilogy)by Peter F. Hamilton is the pinnacle of the space orchestra genre. Politics, economics, future tech and religion all intersect to create one of the most compelling 'worlds' I have ever had the privilege to discover. More importantly, the different plot lines are all enthralling, which in my opinion is fairly rare. To top it off, you also get a fantasy novel within a science fiction novel. I have no doubt that you could would be crying for more were you to read only the Dream sections of this masterpiece. It might sound disconcerting without having picked up the book, but I promise you satisfaction from page fifty nine forward (you need a little room to get started on this 700 page + beast).

The tech is perfectly convincing, the suspense is never ending and the meshing of plot lines is seamless. If you thought fantasy authors were good at creating worlds you need to see Mr. Hamilton create two universes. Meet unimaginably ancient aliens, relentless enemies, and an emotionally distraught and love-sick alcoholic whose ex beau was (is?) a living messiah.

If there was any negative that I would have to point out it would be the slightly repetitive nature of the fight sequences. Even so, you'll keep turning the pages as if your life depended on it. Once you get past The Dreaming Void, you will hop right into The Temporal Void (Void Trilogy), which came out not a month ago. Buy them both at the same time or your hate yourself during the whole long walk to the bookstore because its even better than the first book.

Once I get a couple more posts under my belt this will easily make it into the top 10, and MAYBE into the top 5.


Anonymous said...

If you liked Dreaming you will love Temporal, it takes the excellent foundation and delivers even more of everything that made it good. Looking forward to see what you think of it!

bloggeratf said...

I read it and loved it. I thought that came out in the post. Either way good idea for a fresh post! Muahahah recycling.

Ron Buckmire said...

I agree I liked them both as well, but still need to write up my own reviews; I am a huge Peter Hamilton fan.