22 April, 2009

MISSION STATEMENT: Only The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy

I solemnly swear to provide only the best science fiction and fantasy literature I can get my hands on. I promise to already have read every SciFi or Fantasy book posted here, and to have loved it. If it isn't loved it doesn't get posted, end of story.

Are you tired of walking in to Barnes & Noble or Borders and despairing of ever finding the right science fiction or fantasy book for you? Well, look no further because now you can leave the bookstore with your arms laden with pounds of the finest printed word out there.

There is a serious lack of good references for new science fiction admirers and even old vets like myself. You either get stuck with some terrible rankings from places like Amazon, or you get mired in an endless list, ie "TOP 100 SciFi Books of All Time" that don't say much besides giving the name and author, because we all know that's is going to do you a lot of good.

No more throwing darts in the dark and hoping to find a gem, I will provide you with the treasure chest full of sparkling rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. And for those of you who, like myself, still enjoy going even though you know your chances of finding a new and exciting science fiction or fantasy novel are slim, I'll provide a couple suggestions and tricks for improving your odds.

Now, when I go to the book store and walk into my section (is it strange that I think of it as my section?) I have to fight back waves of despair. My anger is so hot and visceral when I see that the twenty seventh book in the Recluse series just came out, that I think that the stack of books next to me might combust.

The sad fact of the matter is that trashy Science Fiction and Fantasy sells, not as well as the good stuff to be sure, but well enough to keep wasting paper. I will ward you clear of these literary horrors and steer you toward the ambrosia that is a good, make that a great book.

While I will be posting my top picks at the pace of one per week I will also build a top 10 list in which books will compete for the privilege of those distinguished spots.

I will start out with those that off the top of my head deserve to be read and I will add more titles and reviews from there. I should note that I will not focus on some of the older science fiction and fantasy, as first off a lot of it is out of print and secondly, I would like to focus on more recent works: those that have so far failed to be recognized for how sublime the really are, and so deserve a top spot on our list.

Lastly, and most importantly please post your recommendation for even though my book finding skills are finely honed I am not capable of reading everything out there (I wish I was).


Mihai A. said...

I wish I was capable of reading all the books out there (at least all the good ones :D). I know that this is not possible on my lifetime, but I believe Umberto Eco when it comes to afterlife. He said that Heaven is one huge library with all the books in the world in it (I certainly hope so :D).
Good luck with your blog :)