30 September, 2009

Book Bloggers: Top Post

Update: You can now check out the Top Posts and Analysis.

Fellow SF/F Book Bloggers (who did not already receive an email),

I am conducting a survey of top book blog posts (in terms of visitors/hits over the life of your blog). Please email me a very brief paragraph stating why you think that it is your most popular post. The purpose if twofold; find out what readers like and why they like it. I will post your replies on the blog on Monday followed by an analysis of the data on Tuesday. My hope is that the list will provide us with a couple nifty insights. So please reply with:

- URL and Title of your top post (provide # of hits if you have the data please).
- Brief paragraph of why you think it is popular.
- Main Traffic Sources for your top post (this is optional since not everyone tracks this data).

Thanks for taking the time, I can't wait for your replies. Keep reviewing!

- Alec


Unknown said...

If you're replying to this post, you should be aware that Alec has a lot of work to do this week unpacking from his move and will only be able to analyze this data by Tuesday if he finishes unpacking his boxes first.

bloggeratf said...


Unknown said...

Hey Alec -
When is the homework due?
Also is Homer and Langley Spec Fic -
I thought it was just about two rich eccentrics who are slightly mad?

bloggeratf said...

Hey Shellie, well, it definitely isn't hard science fiction, that is for sure. But, there was enough weirdness and speculation to merit a giveaway in that I couldn't help but notice a similarity of themes.

Unknown said...

Great - I thought it was just a historical novel of sorts - which means I will probably like it more.

So you want the data by when Monday? at what time on the east coast - you are in NY right? or by Sunday?

ediFanoB said...


when you want Alec to work at home then there is only one way left: Hide is PC! :-))
But that would bring things to a crisis.

Unknown said...

That's a great idea- maybe I'll take his computer to work with me and leave him with a list of errands and chores... :)

Unknown said...
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bloggeratf said...

@ Shellie

Sunday or before preferably if you want it to be included in the Monday post. I don't need highly detailed data, just a general understanding of your top post. Ideally you can give me the top three entry sources for it by %, but that is ideally.

@ Michael and Christine

Stop plotting or I will ban you both from commenting!

ediFanoB said...

Alec is driving us underground..... :-))
Feel free to mail me :-)

Alec, I hope you don't suffer from paranoia..... In case you suffer from paranoia we could share experience.