08 September, 2009

The Butcher's Bill: August Reads

Alec's Reads

This has been a heavily fantasy series centric month for me, but all in all of very high quality. Some old, some new, and a trashy science fiction book or two thrown in for kicks. Sadly, my to be read pile boasts few science fiction books, but I am working on that problem; I am still looking for military science fiction, so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

Gardens of the Moon (1999), by Steven Erikson. [US][UK] - 688 pages.

Deadhouse Gates (2000), by Steven Erikson. [US][UK] - 608 pages.

Black Sun Rising (1991), by C. S. Friedman. [US][UK] - 496 pages.

When True Night Falls (1993), by C. S. Friedman. [US][UK] - 560 pages.

Crown of Shadows (1995), by C. S. Friedman. [US][UK] - 525 pages.

The Witches of Karres (1966), James H. Schmitz. [US][UK] - 400 pages.

The Blade Itself (2006), by Joe Abercrombie. [US][UK] - 448 pages.

Before They Are Hanged (2007), by Joe Abercrombie. [US][UK] - 448 pages.

Last Argument of Kings (2008), by Joe Abercrombie. [US][UK] - 639 pages.

Death's Head: Day of the Damned (2009), by David Gunn. [US][UK] - 368 pages.

Best Served Cold (2009), by Joe Abercrombie. [US][UK] - 560 pages.

Alec's Stats
Average Pages Per Day: 192.
Average Publication Date: 1998.
Average Books Per Day: 0.33.
SF v F ratio: 2 / 9.
Children Saved from Flaming Car Wrecks: 17

Michael's Reads

Compared to Alec my list is very short. In August I returned to work after holiday and there has not much time left for reading. I finished three books and bought four books. That means only one more book for my TBR pile.

Human Nature: Pax Britannia Series (2008), by Jonathan Green. [US][UK] - 320 pages.

Bloodheir (2008), by Brian Ruckley. [US][UK] - 528 pages.

The Angel's Game (2008), by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. [US][UK] - 441 pages.

Michael's Stats
Average Pages Per Day: 42.23.
Average Publication Date: 2008.
Average Books Per Day: 0.09.


ediFanoB said...

It is so sad that I read only three books. Still so many unread books on my shelf. Looking forward to autumn and winter. Great time for me to read.

Anonymous said...

Phew! Throwin' some verbage down, are ya? I need a vacation just to get some serious reading time in. You guys go!

bloggeratf said...

Hey Peter. A pair of intercontinental airplane rides gave me a fair amount of extra reading time this month, so this list is a bit above average for me.