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Flattery Honest words
For me 2009 was a year with a lot of highlights and some negative spots.
There are many people who deserve flattery. But this term has a negative touch. So I replaced it by honest words.
Don't worry I will not deliver a speech but I want to kudos my family, blogger, authors, publishers and readers for your/their patience, inspiration and support. Without you blogging would be worthless.
Please apologize for not listing each single name. It would be a long list. But I want to single out one person:
bloggeratf aka Alec Coquin. He provided me the opportunity to be part of this blog and supported my first steps. We live on both sides of the Atlantic. Despite this fact we developed a great teamwork. Alec, let's rock 2010!

Now let's bury 2009 and give birth to 2010 ..... HAPPY NEW YEAR and always a bagful books beside you

2010 Starter Kit
I'm sure you didn't what to expect.
Drum roll............. It is time for a revelation: I watch........