27 June, 2010

My Life in Boxes

Or just about two thirds of it. Moving day is approaching, depressingly quick, and I can't help but lament once again that I can fit my life into about half a dozen or so boxes. Picture below.

This has been a yearly ritual for me for as long as I can remember. Pack, move, unpack, and repeat. Old endings and older beginnings shake hands like friends long lost - the rhythm of my life.

All the above to say that your Way of Kings review will be out tomorrow even if I have to forego sleep tonight. It has probably been one of the most difficult reviews I have written to date. Like moving, like all new beginnings, it is filled with challenge and promise - the hope of things to come and the fear of mistakes past.

Till tomorrow.  


Jamie Gibbs said...

Good luck with the move :D How come it's an annual thing for you? I've not had much experience with moving, only bits and pieces back and forth with University, so I don't really know how stressful it can be.

Looking forward to your Way of Kings review. I need to read some of Sanderson's stuff after hearing him on the Writing Excuses podcast.

bloggeratf said...

Thanks Jamie.

As an international student I 'moved' at the end of every school year, and in New York, well you are always hunting for that new and better apartment!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I was going to ask why you were moving, but see you've answered it already.
Moving always sucks. And the older I become, the more junk I seem to accumulate.

bloggeratf said...

Alex, I tend to use moving as a way to get rid of all that junk, keeping only those things of sentimental or actual value. My version of the yearly spring cleaning I guess.