15 June, 2010

Out of Context

Terry Goodkind's new Richard and Kahlan novel will be called The Omen Machine (2011), according to the Fan Forum admin, who is actually Terry himself, sort of. Other relvelant facts about the forthcoming Sword of Truth book:

  • The official book's title is THE OMEN MACHINE
  • The novel will be released simultaneously in all ebook formats, including iBooks, Kindle and Nook.
  • The novel takes place immediately following the end of CONFESSOR.
  • It is a Richard and Kahlan novel in the truest sense of the word.
  • The cover artwork will be revealed soon. It was designed by Terry Goodkind and Rob Anderson.

GRRM reminds fans that he is not their bitch, sort of, when discussing how famous he is going to become thanks to his new HBO mini-series:

Therefore, as of today, NO REVEALS WILL BE ALLOWED in any comments here. No, not even to things that happen in book one. A GAME OF THRONES may have been published in 1996, but if you haven't read it yet, it will be all new to you. I don't want new readers to have their first experience of the story spoiled by someone's offhand comment.

Tobias Buckell discusses that ever hot topic, eReaders:

As a cockroach-writer-interested-in-survival, I’m happy to see the expanded ecosystem, and the viable eBook market segment spring up.

Cherie Priest proudly announces two more Clockwork Century books!

Tentatively they shall be Ganymede (2011) and Inexplicable (2012), and I shall be over here doing the happy book sale bootydance! (Not such a dignified display, really, but a very enthusiastic one all the same.)

Joe Abercrombie colors in some of the reasons for the change in the publication date of The Heroes.

So it is with great regret I have to inform you that, following a meeting with my editor and various whip-and-sword-wielding figures at Orion made from fire and shadow, we have decided, reluctantly, that we have to move the publication date of The Heroes.

When asked what he was reading, Pat Rothfuss author of the Name of the Wind replied:

Sorry. I’m just reading my own book these days. Over and Over. And over.

Then, when asked why movies like Alien vs Predator make it to the big screen he had this charming comment:

They make those moves because witless fucking sheep go to them. Since people go to them, they make money. Since the movies make money, they keep making them despite the fact that it takes a huge shit in the the collective consciousness of all humankind.


Todd Newton said...

Funny how the last quote relates to the first item. Coincidence?

bloggeratf said...

Best comment of the week goes to T.D. Newton, a prime example of snark.

Bryce L. said...

Hahaha, classic. I still haven't read any Goodkind and I think I like it that way.