02 June, 2010


A number of contests to close out and apologies to tender for the delay. Then again, vacations are pretty sweet and you had Brice here for the last week to keep you entertained. I just ordered Dante's Journey on his recommendation... it had better live up or else! Anyway, thanks for all your hard work and good cheer!

So, coming back from St. Martin was about as painful as giving birth. Delays at both ends, missed connections and a $35 hotel room later (surprisingly nice for the price), we finally find ourselves back in humid and hot NYC. But never fear, my snark is as sharp as ever and my laptop battery is 1/2 full. Vacations tend to drastically alter my perspective on the world, at least in the short term, so be ready for a cheery Alec for the next couple of weeks.

Three giveaways to close out quickly and then I will endeavor to post some more refined material for your reading pleasure. Namely, that staple of the online review blog: the review!

The Forever War giveaway goes to Adam C. from WI, USA! Just another great state praying for BP in their hour of need...

Wake and Watch giveaways both go to Tea K. all the way from TN. The only state that will sell lottery tickets at a loss. Don't ask, its a long story and involves math...

Angela W., who hails from MA, wins The Dream of Perpetual Motion giveaway. MA is undoubtedly the best state ever. Did I already mention that the a certain baseball team plays there... the best baseball team ever?

There was some interesting snark this week. Sadly, most of it was blatantly offensive or downright gross. Clean up your act people, I didn't ask for erotic stories or obscenity, I asked for snark!


Bryce L. said...

Welcome back, sounds like you had a great time. I'm so jealous. I need to go some place with a beach.

Congrats to the winners too!