11 July, 2010

Better luck in 4 years...

My heart goes out to Holland, who once again cracks under pressure. I was with you all the way and I wish you the best of luck in four years.


Valashain said...

Most people over here didn't expect them to go as far as they did. I can live with the result, Spain was better, the Netherlands needed way to many fouls. But who knowns, maybe next time ;)

Bryce L. said...

Argh, I was rooting for them too (along with Germany). Bummer.

buddyt said...

Yeah, over here in South AFrica we have close connections with the Netherlands but they just couldn't crack it on the day.

The bright spot is at least we have a new World Champion who has never won before.

It was great fun having the World Cup over here.

Ayoba !

Stephan said...

Dude, thanks for your post, but we didn't crack under pressure. Did you watch another game? Didn't you see the rev?

Not saying Spain wasn't better, but I do wonder what would have happend when we had a normal rev. This one totally killed our playingstyle and completely favored Spain. Even that last goal should not have counted.

Oh well, I guess I'm a frustrated Dutchie now, defending my team on a Fantasy-blog. =D

bloggeratf said...

Buddyt, it must have been awesome. I soooo want to go to Brazil for the next one.


Spain's goal at the end came after three small mistakes from Holland.

Holland also had two opportunities that should = two goals, but they couldn't pull it off.

The number of yellow cards was maybe a little much, but it was mostly also fair. Holland had to play very aggressive to contain the Spanish - to me that was very clear from their play style. And it worked, until the last minute in which the Spanish scored. Classic play on their part.

Stephan said...

Yeah, you're probably right. Though, when the goal came, many of the dutch players were still pleading for that corner that every fool could see they deserved. Also, the goal came from an offside ball (is that how it's called in English?).

Oh well, in the end, the best team won. We would've lost the penalties, anyway. Thanks for supporting us, though. And that sad clown is awesome. =D

bloggeratf said...

I didn't see that the pass from which the goal was made was offside. I think if anything comes out of this worldcup it will be goalline/replay technology. I mean they already use mics... its the logical next step.

Holland is the team of my heart. I grew up on a half dutch island and even lived in holland for a year. I learned to love soccer watching Ajax the year they won. So yea, holland all the way.

DEZMOND said...

I was cheering for Sneijder and company myself :(((