21 July, 2010

It's News To Me #16

This will only be a short one. To be honest, I don't really know much about sff news this week as I have some big news myself and solely focusing on sleep and the little guy. If you head on over to Seak's Stamp, you can see a couple pics I've posted of the new addition to my family.

Thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes from my semi-announcement the other day. :)

Book Trailers

I got an email from Dante's Journey (review) author JC Marino about his new book trailer for that same book (which I loved) and here ya go:

Also, Alex J. Cavanaugh, who can be found all over the SFF blogging world has a new book out which I just received yesterday. It's called CassaStar and due out October 19, 2010. Here's his great new book trailer:

Reading That's Free

During July only, you can read The Choir Boats by Daniel A. Rabuzzi for free. It's described as a mix between Gulliver's Travels, The Golden Compass, and a bit of Pride and Prejudice (not and Zombies though). I added that last part. :)
This special edition of the novel includes bonus illustrations by Deborah A. Mills. It's also DRM-free, so it can be read on any device compatible with PDFs, and shared with friends just like a regular book.
This looks pretty interesting, thanks for the email Daniel.

And that's the news...at least to me.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for featuring the trailer! I was so excited when I finally got to see it last week.

DEZMOND said...

CASSASTAR will rock big time, and the trailer is really great!

ediFanoB said...

Incredible that you found time for this post.

And I'm sure that CassaStaR will rock!!

Bryce L. said...

So excited for CassaStar. It looks great on my shelf.

I only had a minute or two while Dylan slept on my lap. It was the cutest post prep I've yet to have. :D

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

I love this trailer of Dante's Journey. It is totally awesome! And congrats on being quoted.

I wanted to check in here with you all too, I had troubles with my email and lost some emails. But I think I had an email about reading unknown books/authors. I was hoping to join in on it. I have a new author I found on twitter and the books sounds interesting, after chatting with him, he is sending me his book. So thought I could take out two birds with one stone, if that is okay.

Anonymous said...

Trailer is very cool. Alex is doing a great job of creating a buzz for his release of Cassastar.

Stephen Tremp

Bryce L. said...

@Melissa - Congrats to you too! Being quoted is fun. :)

Yes, we'll give you some more information, but that's awesome that you're joining our challenge and good job taking out two birds with one stone, although I didn't realize you were so violent.

@Stephen - Definitely, Alex has a good presence in the blogosphere. He's been an active participant on blogs for a while and I know for me I already respect him a lot. That's moved his book on the massive "To-Read" pile quite a bit. :)

N. R. Williams said...

Great trailer! I'm new to blogging but I hope to join Alex in his awesomeness. I'm scared of things that growl...I'd better read it.

N. R. Williams, fantasy author