13 October, 2010

It's News To Me #28

It's been a busy week and will continue to be so for the next few of them. I signed up for a trial competition, you know, because I have all this free time anyway.

I did gather up a few of the most interesting items that I know you've already seen. :)

This is probably the coolest map I've seen for Ian C. Esslemont's Malazan Empire series (and Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen for that matter). The map of The Lands of Fist from the upcoming Stonewielder by Ian C. Esslemont:

Copyright Niel Gower 2010

One of my new favorite authors, Daniel Abraham, has some cover art for The Dragon's Path, the first in his new series coming out next year called The Dagger and the Coin:

Abraham's been a busy guy lately, with Leviathan Wakes, a collaboration between Abraham and Ty Franck under the pseudonym James S. A. Corey and speaking of busy guys...

Brandon Sanderson just posted an extremely detailed outlook on his writing/publishing plans for the future. I love that when he takes breaks, he writes other books. Now that's a love of writing. Hope that can continue since he's made me a fan.

And that's the news...at least to me. (sorry it's not much)


BryStearns said...

That is quite the map. I haven't read any of his books, but I really want to. Also some nice cover art. I likey the fancy knife :)

Bryce L. said...

Love the map! And the series is amazingly good, although you really have to be in the mood to work through it.

And although knives or swords are on at least 50% of fantasy books, there's a reason for it, they're awesome. :)

Silvia said...

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