19 October, 2010

Towers of Midnight: Chapter II

Chapter II of Towers of Midnight was just released in audiobook format on Tor.com. The chapter is from Perrin's point of view and focuses mostly on the fact that he still doesn't want to be a lord, even though men keep flocking to him. Ominous tidings and bubbles of evil abound. Randland is heading for confrontation and the chapter makes that very clear, setting the stage for the rest of Towers of Midnight.

There is a second part to the chapter, but I won't spoil it for you as it is big news - though some of you might have guessed at it by now. It involves a certain young swordsman who joined an order of religious warriors that wear white cloaks...

I know you are all excited as I am to get yours hands on this bad boy. Strangely enough the wait hasn't seemed all that long given the previous publication lull in the series. Tai'Shar fast writing!

For those who do not obsessively follow Wheel of Time news, you can read two non-spoiler reviews of Towers of Midnight at Dragonmount and Theoryland.