27 October, 2010

It's News To Me #30

Life's a bit back to normal and yet I still can't find a spare moment. Although I have been able to find more reading time for The Ten Thousand by Paul Kearney, especially after the last book that was admittedly difficult to get through. Good books are like that.

Cover Art

Count me in as a fan of the US cover art for The Quantum Thief [UK] by Hannu Rajaniemi. This picture blazes right out at you.

Not to say that the UK art is bad. Also works for me, it's just completely different as seen here:


NethSpace put together a bunch of links for Towers of Midnight [US] [UK]. I mean, there's a ton of stuff in one nice little place.

Temple Library Reviews talks Guilty Pleasure reads. Don't worry, Twilight made it. :)

IO9 gives us a "Chart that groups science fiction fans by political affiliation". Not too surprising, but interesting nonetheless.

The 50 most hated literary characters can be found here, and yet again Twilight made the list.


The more I hear/see about this the more I can't wait for Sunday's premiere. Check out the Trailer for The Walking Dead on AMC:

And that's the news...at least to me.


Unknown said...

I have ordered the Quantum Thief, sadly UK cover, and have many of Kearney's books on the shelf waiting to be read. Glad you are enjoying it.

Jamie Gibbs said...

I'm looking forward to The Walking Dead, but I don't think it comes to the UK until Nov 5th.

I like the US cover of The Quantum Thief a lot more than the UK cover, which is a pretty rare thing. The US cover is a lot more dynamic, but the UK cover puts me in mind of a more old school kind of scifi

Anonymous said...

I love the Hated Literary Characters. I have to say that from that list Dolores Umbridge and Edward Rochester are my most disliked characters.

Also, I'm super excited for The Walking Dead!

Anonymous said...

I honestly can't decide which cover for The Quantum Thief I like more. The US cover is... snazzier but I'm not a fan of people on covers. The UK cover doesn't have people on it......

Decisions, decisions.

Bryce L. said...

@Tyson - UK's still good. It's got a classic sense to it.

@Jamie - Noooo! Why do they make different countries wait? We're global now. We can discuss these things from all over the world, why not show them at the same time?

@Writerly - Haha - Umbridge is probably my least favorite character ever. I was really disappointed when she didn't get punished more. :)

@Sarah - I'm usually the same way, but I'm liking this US one. I really don't like it when the people are too realistic. It just looks awkward (See Night Angel Trilogy books).