18 June, 2011

It's News To Me #14 - DGLA Winners!

I'm back for just a bit to get this up, then I'm without internet for another couple days.

And the winners of the David Gemmell Legend Award are...

Legend Award (Best Fantasy Novel of 2010)

Brandon Sanderson for The Way of Kings

Morningstar Award (Best Fantasy Debut)

Darius Hinks for The Warrior Priest

Ravenheart Award (Best Fantasy Book-Jacket)

Olof Erla Einarsdottir for the cover of Power and Majesty

And that's the news...at least to me.


Yona said...

legend and morningstar: yeah.

raven... cover award: well... No!

Bryce L. said...

Completely agree. I still need to read the morningstar winner.

a.l.l.a.n1 said...

I have a question. But I was under the impression that the DGLA was meant to be given to the novel which was most like David Gemmel's work? I mean thats the whole point of the award. I'm sorry but Brandon Sanderson, who I really enjoy, writes nothing like David Gemmell. Not even a little bit.


Bryce L. said...

I've always thought similarly. At least it should be for heroic fantasy and I guess technically there are heroes in Sanderson's work, but I'd say it's more epic fantasy than heroic fantasy.

Then again, this is also a popularity contest award, so it's bound to go to the biggest sellers.

a.l.l.a.n1 said...

Yeah thats true. On one hand I have no problem with popularity contest awards because sometimes I beleive they miss out on deserved recognition due to that popularity.

On the other hand, David Gemmell was the reason I became obsessed with fantasy and I would like to see the winners reflect heroic fantasy.

Also I would do sick and despicable things to get my hands on a Snaga replica!

Bryce L. said...

Haha, I've only read Legend myself, but I own a few more and I need to just dive in. Maybe I'll clear out a month or two for Gemmell only reading.