02 June, 2011

Quick Review - The Temple of the Dead (Sepulchral Earth 2) by Tim Marquitz

You may know this by now, but I'm a huge fan of Tim Marquitz. He writes dark urban fantasy or just dark fantasy and he's amazing...and quite hilarious at times (especially here).
Under the rumbling gray sky, Harlan Cole clutched his swollen ribs, his face a patchwork of graven lines. He circled right as the walker came at him. Short huffs of breath spewed from cracked lips. He looked into the corpse's blackened sockets to see pools of insect larvae churning in their depths. Harlan fought the urge to gag as a long brown roach skittered from the corpse’s eye and ran across its cheek. It disappeared when it wormed its way inside the walker’s jaundiced ear.
The Temple of the Dead, the second in Tim's Sepulchral Earth serial novella (my review of the first), is part of his more serious repertoire, tackling the zombie apocalypse in a new way that only Tim Marquitz can do.

This is zombies with a fantastical twist, involving magic, ghouls, guns, and an epic quest. In this installment, we find out more about Harlan Cole's past and motivations behind his pursuit of the breach and make some significant steps toward that goal.

Highly Recommended!

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher


Pallav said...

cool, gonna check it out :)


Tim Marquitz said...

Hey Bryce,

Definitely appreciate the push. :)

Bryce L. said...

@Nothingman - Definitely do so. Tim Marquitz is great and deserves way more recognition than he gets.

@Tim - Hey, always glad to give it. :)