26 April, 2012

Update, Excuses, and Something Funny

First, we'll go with the funny (click on it to embiggen):

(source: Doghouse Diaries)

And now for the updates and excuses:

I guess this is as good of a time as any to let you know. This next week is my last week of law school (and last week of school period after 21 years of it, whoot!). Directly after that, I have just about 2 months to relearn everything I've been learning in the last 3 years of law school so I can pass the bar.

In addition, the California bar has one of the lowest passing rates (if not THE lowest). Needless to say, I have lots of work ahead of me. They say if you can get in 500 hours of good studying for the bar, you should be able to pass it no problem. That's only over 8 hours a day for two months with maybe a day or two break. Shoot me now. Please, I'm begging you.

What that means is that posts will probably be sparse around here until the end of July.

Oh, and did I mention my wife's having twins the week after, well, as long as everything goes according to plan...which things always do right? Oh yeah, and then we'll probably be moving back to California after that...

So, let me take that back, things will probably be sparse around here until the end of August at the very least. I'll still be reading, which means I'll still be reviewing, but there may not be much else. I'll keep you updated as the summer progresses.

Ps. No, I don't have a job either, but that could actually mean more blogging in the future. :D


Spaz said...

Best of luck on the Bar and all the big changes coming up in life!

Bryce L. said...

Thanks, Spaz, I need it! I'm so happy to be almost done with school it's really hard to grasp that the next couple months are going to be insane!

ediFanoB said...

what a busy life!
Fingers crossed for the Bar.
Twins?? Incredible! Hope everything will go well for you and your wife.
I will be on holiday from April 29 to May 13. That means two weeks without phone and computer. Two weeks just for my wife and me.

Bryce L. said...

Thanks Michael, we obviously need all the well wishes we can get. :D

Sounds like a great two weeks, sometimes it's just nice to be unconnected for a while.