29 May, 2009

Bona Fide: Weekly Roundup #22

Welcome back to my weekly roundup.
Again and again, I'm surprised at how fast a week goes by. Now let's start......


Do you V? No, I am not asking for the twenty second letter in the modern Latin alphabet, nor for V for Vendetta film. I wanted to hear an answer like this: "V!? Yes, there was an amazing series aired on NBC in the 80's. It was the continuation of a science fiction franchise also known as THE VISITORS." Get ready for it, because ABC decided to remake V. To be honest I always have concerns when I hear or read about remakes. In this case, it's the other way round. I watched some episodes from the 80's series on video-cassette. This was at the end of the 80's, well before DVD brightened our lives. Compared to the original series, the trailer of the remake is really mouth-watering. Check out the V - upfront trailer below:


As you may have noticed the number of blogs related to SciFi/Fantasy is still growing, while some of them are not maintained any longer. In order not to get lost in the wild wild web, I searched for some help and advice. I found Reviewer Time: The Official Blog Post!! Harry Markov aka Daydream started to review blogs! So far he reviewed four blogs and if you want more information about blogs, I highly recommend to read these reviews. And the good thing is, there willbe more blog reviews in future!

Larry from OF Blog of the Fallen shared his thoughts about the "Essay: On Book Review Blogs" by Charles Tan over at Bibliophile Stalker. If you want more information and thoughts about changes of blogs then read it. And take part in the discussion by posting your thoughts.

John from Grasping of the Wind has an ongoing post under the tag Inside The Blogosphere which I really appreciate. For this week edition he asked several reviewers about Authors of note, without noteriety.
The answers are like finding a lost treasure. I discovered great "old" authors which are new to me.


In a time long long ago, (before I started to follow blogs and so on) I played a lot of PC- and Console games.
Anno is a series of several strategy games developed by Germany-based Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software company. So far ANNO 1602, ANNO 1503, ANNO 1701 have been released for PC. ANNO 1701 : Dawn of Discovery has been released for Nintendo DS. Nowadays, I prefer to play in front of the TV instead on a handheld or a PC. Therefore I'm really happy that based on the new upcoming ANNO 1404 PC version a Wii and NINTENDO DS has been developed. The German WII version is available under title ANNO - Erschaffe eine neue Welt. The English version titled Dawn of Discovery will be released in June 2009.
Now you ask yourself why the hell does this naughty guy fill us with gossip about video games. The answer is quite simple. On Wednesday this week I couldn't wait any longer and I bought ANNO for Wii. And I have no regrets about it. The controls work well, the graphics are a bit comic, due to the limits of the Wii. More importantly, they ported the game mechanism from PC to WII in a great way. Anyway, I am really enjoying it so far.
Please read the IGN game review. They explain a lot better than me why ANNO for Wii is a great game.
After so many words you need a video. Enjoy the ANNO trailer below.


In 2009 I read one of the best books in my life so far: The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruis Zafon. I bought and read the book based on Aidan's review. I'm still grateful for this. There are a lot more reviews available. Google "The Shadow of the Wind Carlos Ruiz Zafon review" and you get 31,500 hits! Incredible! Now, I am looking forward to reading his next book: The Angel's Game. Instead of a review link you get a book trailer:

John from Grasping of the Wind has an interesting category on his blog called Inside the Blogosphere.
The edition of this week contains the answers from several reviewers to the topic Authors of note, without noteriety. It is worth reading. I discovered "old" authors which are new to me.


When you read a post like this one you are interested in books. And I estimate you are a well-read person. As we all know we can't read everything. So what do you do when you attend an event - party, meeting, whatever - and people start to discuss books you don't know? The simple answer is LIE.
But how to lie about books in an educated way?
Read How to Lie About Books by Jason Henninger. CAUTION - you can catch the giggles...