14 May, 2009

Movie: New Poster for District 9

     The Neill Blomkamp science fiction movie, District 9, is due for release in the middle of August, and promises so for far to be highly entertaining. A new poster was just printed for the movie, along with a documentary like teaser which gives a great glimpse of the aliens. 
     From what we can tell so far the movie appears to have a strong political message that seems to parallel South Africa's struggle with apartheid. While I don't mind a bit of politics thrown in with my science fiction, I sincerely hope that Mr. Blomkamp won't push the envelope too far. Then again, watching both the trailer and the teaser I can see how both can be melded into an appreciable viewing experience. Having a somewhat similar feel to Cloverfeild, I can only hope that the ending won't leave us hanging like a wet towel on a sunny day. Make that a very wet towel.
     You can watch the decoded trailer for District 9 (the version I posted before blurred out the aliens face and didn't translate what he was saying) or check out the teaser "Alive in Joburg", which in my opinion  gives you a much cooler view of the aliens. All in all, this promises to be a great flick and I will definitely be at the first showing I can get my hands on, regardless of what the reviews say.


Matt said...

That's some great new art. It reminds of something, but I can't quite place it. Thanks for the heads up on this.

kaolin fire said...

trailer really expands on the previous one; gives us a stronger context for the aliens making it somehow more believable. really excited :)

www.muebles-camobel.es said...

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