03 May, 2009

Movie: District 9, by Neill Blomkamp

     Many of you have, I am sure, already stumbled upon District 9 through your online forays, or maybe even walked by a viral add somewhere. I don't generally intend to post about movies, but with Neill Blomkamp directing and Peter Jackson producing, this flick promises to be special.
     Aside from its viral add campaign and a nifty interactive website, little is known about District 9 other than what has been gleamed from the trailer. Cockroach like humanoids land in South Africa and are quarantined in a slum, known as district nine. From the snippets already posted on the Web, we can assume that the film will be centered around a human who has somehow come in contact with and been altered by the alien tech. Scheduled for release in August, I'll undoutebly be one of the many waiting in line for the midnight showing.
     Many Halo fans see this as a test run for the Halo movie franchise (check out the three Halo teasers - the last is by far the best). While I was never a huge fan of the video games and assorted spin-offs, I can easily see them morphing into some of the best science fiction movies out there.
     Make sure to check out the trailer for District 9 from the official site, and if you have the time, go ahead and browse the interactive section. Also recently an extended scene from the movie was shown to a couple critics, enjoy!


ediFanoB said...

I lok forward to see the whole film. That is a lot more than "only" an other SF movie.

bloggeratf said...

I know. My problem is I tend to hype these things up in my head a bit too much, and when I get there I am generally let down. If star trek is a letdown this weekend I am going to do something..... not sure what... but something....