31 May, 2009

Curiosities: Author Interviews

     The choice this weekend was between Up cartoon by Pixar or the horror flick called Drag Me to Hell. Drag Me to Hell won the draw and is, if you like horror movies, definitely worth seeing. While I recommend the flick, this post is about one of the adds that came before the movie. It was a short documentary by Honda about what the year 2088 will look like. Honda, being as ingenious as they are, wisely decided to interview some of the masters of predicting the future: science fiction authors!  
     Ben Bova and Orson Scott Card (one of OnlytheBestSciFi/Fantasy's voted top ten authors) had some pretty nifty things to say about the year 2088, and the short documentary is really well done, so if you have seven minutes, make sure to watch it. Also Included in the documentary were Scott Balton, a Lead Researcher over at NASA, and Darel Preble, from the ambitious Solar Space Institute. Enjoy!


ediFanoB said...

It's good and necessary to think about future. From this point of view the video is interesting. BUT when I look around and see how mankind is destroying planet earth I think it is much more important to think about how to save the world for following generations.

bloggeratf said...

I agree with you there FB. That said, the video is by a car company trying to make itself look good from an environmental perspective.
Its pretty well done though so it makes me like honda :P

ediFanoB said...

Of course a video from a car company is always a kind of advertisement. In this case they did it on good level.

Anyway it is sad that readers don't leave comments.