10 July, 2009

Bona Fide: Weekly Roundup #28

Hello and welcome to a new issue of my weekly roundup. This is the last one week before my holiday, and every year, the same thing happens. Since I work as a programmer, as soon as people get wind of my holiday, I receive a lot of urgent requests that all need to be done before I leave on Friday afternoon. So I spent more time at work this week than I would have liked--that is the reason for this shorter roundup. Enough talking. Enjoy reading.....


If you read fantasy and/or science fiction you meet a lot of weird life forms. Most of the time we forget that our planet is also home to some of those weird life forms...


I'm nearly finished with the German edition of Acacia by David Anthony Durham. If I follow my list, the next book should be The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert V.S. Redick. For more information just read John Ottinger's review of The Red Wolf Conspiracy or Robert Thompson's review of the The Red Wolf Conspiracy. But yesterday I received my copy of Twelve by Jasper Kent. For more information checkout Robert Thompson's review of Twelve or Dave Brendon's review of Twelve. And to be honest I am favoring Twelve. Vampires in old Russia are hard to beat... I will let you know me decision in my next roundup.


Would you like to have a visual overview about new and forthcoming fantasy books combined with additional information? Then I recommend to visit Fantasy Literature - New and forthcoming fantasy novels. Click the link and you will understand why I spoke about a visual overview...

In case you want a brief monthly overview of what's new on the scene, then have a look at Fantasy Book Critic - Spotlight on July 2009 Books. Older spotlights are still available and worth digging through.


In the past roundups I presented you a lot of dark and/or action orientated movies. I think now the time has come to show you something more on the funny side--even if we have to wait until November for the release of Planet 51. Hmm, that title reminds me of Area 51... I don't want to keep you waiting any longer. Here's the trailer...


This week I chose a quote in memory of all people who need way too much time to explain something...

"The shortest distance between two points is always under construction."

Noelie Alito


Sweet Book Delights said...

OMG isn't it always the way they spring work on you just as you're trying to leave?

Just reviewed The Red Wolf Conspiracy so super excited to see what your thoughts were on it.

Loved the crazy short of the jumping beans too :0

Have a great wknd dude,
Bless up
Chilli xx

ediFanoB said...

Chilli xx,
I finally escaped work on Friday evening and I finished nearly all requests. Then I needed a rest. Now it is Saturday evening and I refreshed.

I added your blog to my google reader.I will read your review of The Red Wolf Conspiracy soon. Today I decided to start with Twelve by Jasper Kent. But The Red Wolf Conspiracy will be my next read after and of course I will share my thoughts about this book.

The jumping beens video is worth to watch.

Thanks for your weekend wishes. I wish you a terrific weekend.

Sweet Book Delights said...