27 July, 2009

News: Stargate Universe Trailer

Isn't Comic-Con great? Anyway, hot off the internet, I have the pleasure to present the Stargate Universe trailer, and it looks great so far. Just for the record, the ship is totally awesome. I honestly hope this spinoff will reboot the franchise as it has so much potential. Without further ado:


ediFanoB said...

I watched the first Stargate movie but I didn't like the Stargate series.
This trailer is promising. In case Stargate Universe will be aired in Germany I will give it a try.

Donna said...

OMG! That looked awesome! I loved the movie and the tv series spinoffs from Stargate. I'm definitely going to tune in for this show. It looks like it's going be darker than the other two tv series. Thanks!

bloggeratf said...

The movie is definitely what got me into the series, although I didn't become a 'regular' until Atlantis. I agree on the 'dark' aspect, which I think is a great shift from the other series which just a little too cheery for me.