27 July, 2009

News: Comic-Con Photos

Just wanted to put this out there for those of you who, like me *cries* were not able to attend Comic-Con. Although, to be perfectly honest, I am not the type who dresses up for those kind of events -- either way, enjoy the awesome costume pics. I know I did. A quick scroll through the comments under the pictures also yields some insightful tidbits from a few people who are actually at the convention, and not just posting to say how hot the superwoman costume was.

Also, some exciting news was dug up over at the Wertzone by Adam about the forthcoming Wheel of time book by Brandon Sanderson. Apparently, those Tor employees at the book stand who have read The Gathering Storm rate it higher than a number of the previous installments. When we adjust for the fact that these sources work for Tor, are uncorroborated, and are generally only concerned with promoting the book, well, you get the idea. Regardless, this news has me frothing at the mouth to get my hands on a copy, being a fan of the series myself.


ediFanoB said...

I like the Comic-Con photos. I expected minimum one Rorschach and yes, there was one. There is a yearly book fair in Frankfurt (Germany) - Frankfurt Book Fair. On the last two days is opened for public and a lot of Cosplayers visit and get free admission. Here are pictures from 2008.

It seems that sooner or later I have to give The Wheel of Time a second try.....