05 July, 2009

Curiosities: What Got the Buzz A Webbing?!

I want this. A drug that gives you perfect visual memory. Either that or I need to wait 400 years and become an Envoy like Takeshi Kovacs...

USA Today says vampires need to get their stories straight, and I agree. I mean, now I have no idea if I need to take holy water or garlic out with me at night.

This article... is impossible to explain. Seems like one of C.S. Lewis' darker stories.

Honest to god alien in the sewers? This article gives an explanation, but I don't buy it!


ediFanoB said...

Nice mix of curiosities.
I always wince when I read about drugs.
Two questions:
Do we really want to have a perfect visual memory?
Are there any undesirable side effects?

When I watche the video I thought it shows an intestine. It doesn't look like a sewer.