24 September, 2009

Gathering Storm Chapter 2

Gathering Storm Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson Wheel of Time

The second chapter of The Gathering Storm (2009) was just released. For those of you at work, you will have to wait a bit since it is the audiobook version, and the text itself has not been released - nor do we know if it will be prior to The Gathering Storm's actual release date on October 27. While the prologue to The Gathering Storm has also been released in audiobook format, one must fork over $2.99 - a small price to pay for fans of the series.


ediFanoB said...

Good news for all members of tor.com. Read following quote from mail by tor.com:
"Chapter Two Audio of The Gathering Storm Available Now-Only for Tor.com Members
Membership has its privileges!

We had such great success with the release of Chapter One from The Gathering Storm on Tor.com that we decided we just couldn't stop there.

For all of our new and pre-existing Tor.com members, we've got a little present. Consider it half love-letter (totally platonic, we swear!), half-thank you for being part of our community.

In conjunction with Macmillan Audio, we bring you the entirety of Chapter 2 of The Gathering Storm, from the upcoming audiobook.

The audio is live now on Tor.com. Just log in to listen, enjoy, and discuss."

Krista said...

Can I ask you guys what you've thought about The Wheel of Time series thus far? I am a huge fan of Sandersons and would love to read his installmants, but I've read mixed reviews for the first, what 10 or so books...? I don't want to buy 10 books and then have them be 10 books of force reading when there are so many good books waiting to be read...

Dave said...

Hmm... I'm still waiting for the whole series to be finished before I start. But I'm someday looking forward to the Wheel of Time!

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