16 June, 2010

It's News To Me #11

Hope you're enjoying the week so far. I had a fun time putting together the combined review with our good friend, EdiFanoB and his unique bunch that reside inside his skull. Nice to have him back, if only for a bit.

Cover Art
I've never read anything (or watched for that matter) in the Doctor Who universe, but this piqued my interest, especially since there are possible ties to Moorcock's Eternal Champion series. Here's the blurb: (Thanks Wertzone)
Miggea - a world on the very edge of reality. The cusp between this universe and the next. A point where space-time has worn thin, and is in danger of collapsing. And the venue for the grand finals of the competition to win the fabled Arrow of Law. The Doctor and Amy have joined the Terraphiles - a group obsessed with all aspects of Earth's history, and dedicated to re-enacting ancient sporting events. They are determined to win the Arrow. But just getting to Miggea proves tricky. Reality is collapsing, ships are disappearing, and Captain Cornelius and his pirates are looking for easy pickings. Even when they arrive, the Doctor and Amy's troubles won't be over. They have to find out who is so desperate to get the Arrow of Law that they will kill for it. And uncover the traitor on their own team. And win the contest fair and square. And, of course, they need to save the universe from total destruction.

Cherie Priest has a new cover to her newest novella, Clementine [US] [UK], another steampunky addition to the Clockwork Century series. I'm really diggin' the minigun.

In addition (and as mentioned yesterday), Priest has also announced there will be two more in the Clockwork Century series, Ganymede and Inexplicable, coming in 2011 and 2012 respectively. (Thanks to Mad Hatter's)


JC Marino, author of Dante's Journey (review), just started his own website. It's still a work in process, but it has some great quotes on the home page I must say. Check it out and check out his debut novel. I had a great time.

Brandon Sanderson's new epic, The Way of Kings, book one in The Stormlight Archives, is coming out this summer and Tor's gifted us with the first 50 pages to read for free. (Also in pdf)

I thought Stomping on Yeti had the most unique way of introducing this news and definitely worth checking out: Everything You Need To Know About The Way of Kings


Maja (not Larry as I said earlier) at Of Blog of the Fallen interviews debut author Todd Newton. I'm almost halfway through The Ninth Avatar [US] [UK] and so far so good. Still lovin' the cover.

There's also another interview of Tad Williams over at Fantasy Book Critic for your reading pleasure.


This is great. A Game of Thrones on the small screen. Sean Bean as Ned Stark. What could be better than this?

Looking Ahead

Here are some plans I've got in the works for the next couple weeks or so...hopefully. When it comes to reading you can count on me to be extremely fickle and yet I still like to make plans. Don't ask me why. Just don't. I don't get it either.

Okay, so this part isn't some tentative, fickle thing. I already finished reading The Left Hand of God [US] [UK] by Paul Hoffman and I'll have a review up shortly. Promise.

After finishing Warbreaker [US] [UK] last year I've been dying to get back to Brandon Sanderson and I think I'm finally gonna do it and possibly even this month starting with Mistborn: The Final Empire.

Jon Sprunk's Shadow's Son [US] [UK] came in the mail recently and it's been calling my name ever since. May get to this in the month of June as well.

You can take a look at an exclusive excerpt of Shadow's Son at Tor.com.

And that's the news...at least to me.


Larry Nolen said...

Slight correction: I personally did not do the interview. Although I make 99% of the posts these days, it was another member of the OF Blog, Maja (handle name Lotesse) who did the interview with Todd Newton.

Just wanted to make sure she got the credit she deserves.

Bryce L. said...

Sorry about that, I didn't even notice. I'll correct that right now. Thanks Larry.

Unknown said...

Just finished Shadow's Son last week, really enjoyed it. Review is slated for late August as I am already posting thing that far in advance.

Think you will enjoy the books you have coming up although I thought Left Hand of God could have been edited better.

彥安 said...

You are flattering me..................................................

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Big week here. I am looking forward to Cherie Priest's new book. I really enjoyed Boneshaker and want to get to more of her stuff.

You have some great things in the works here. I have The Left Hand of God here to read. I am hoping to start it by the end of the week, so looking forward to your review! You really need to get to the Mistborn trilogy. I really loved it. Brandon has such a way with magic systems and his characters. I think you are going to enjoy this one. I loved it.

I just got done with Shadow's Son here this morning. I am working on the review now. I hope to have it up here in a day or two. Looking forward to your review there as well.

Bryce L. said...

@Ty - So good to hear about Shadow's Son. Really looking forward to it. That's quite the impressive reserve list of reviews.

@Melissa - Left Hand will probably go up soon. I didn't hate it like a lot of people did.

I might be putting off Mistborn a bit longer as I just got a copy of Sanderson's new book, The Way of Kings. I really just don't know how to keep from reading it.

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Seak, glad to hear you didn't hate Left Hand of God like the others. I am really curious because everyone is all over the board on this one. It is definitely sounds like one based on your tastes.

Now, I just got the jealous streck up my spine. You got a copy of Way of Kings! Hmph. Well, you have to read that one first and torment us with an amazing review. ;) Thanks!

Bryce L. said...

@Melissa - Haha, I do try. :) It was all Alec's doing, so you can thank him for that. I think he's planning on having a review up pretty soon.

I was really excited to get into Mistborn too, but WoK excitement booted it out of the running.