28 March, 2012

It's News To Me - Interviews, Giveaways, Gender Discussion...

There's been lots of good discussion among other great content in the last couple weeks, let's see if you can guess the pattern in this post.

Interviews: Authors Myke Cole and Tim Marquitz get interviewed by the same person. These are some of the best interviews I've ever read. Enjoy. Here's a teaser:
So here I am, the paragon of innocence and virtue, buried in young, nubile flesh for what seemed forever as they squirmed and squirmed and squirmed in what I remember thinking was a Twister game gone horribly right, until they managed to get back to their feet. Best damn moment of that entire show, let me tell you.

Giveaways: The books Dragon in Chains and Corrupts Absolutely? are being given away also by the same person. I'm almost done with Corrupts Absolutely? and I can already recommend it. Great anthology.

Gender Discussion: Adding to the topic of gender discussion, K.J. Parker is discussed and the question is asked - what does he/she do to our gender bias since no one knows the author's gender? This discussion is not had by the same person, another joins the fray.

You've probably guessed the pattern by now and in summation, visit often, you won't regret it.

Also, The Broken Empire by Mark Lawrence gets a new, pretty map that looks familiar for some reason...