28 March, 2012

Winner: (International) Giveaway - Songs of the Earth by Elspeth Cooper

I'm happy to report that we had a great turnout for this international giveaway and I was even more elated to see the turnout from those outside of the US who have been greatly neglected by this here blog. For that same reason, we also have an international winner as well.

But first, and my favorite part, we have some snark to share. Remember, you'll receive two free entries to our next giveaway of your choice (if you qualify region-wise) if you're mentioned here.
"I was thrilled to learn that this is an international giveaway but i'm not sure that includes me. Since i live in Eastern Europe (Balkans) and we generally live in caves, eat with our fingers and socialize with wild animals (at least that the common belief :))), not sure if i qualify. But if you are willing to send a carrier pigeon or maybe a hawk (dragon... could you find a dragon... i love dragons :)) i would love to have this book in my library." (Mirjana from Serbia)

"I'm not sure what's considered as a snarky comment, but I'm a Hungarian (currently living in Ireland) so I'll try the stereotypical Eastern European approach (please read it with a Borat-like accent):

'My dear friend, you give me book, I give you goat. Or my sister. Any of them will make good wife.'" (Jozsef from Ireland)

I obviously need to host more international giveaways because they bring some good snark to the table.

Okay, I guess that means we're finally to the reason you came here and I know you haven't looked already because that's obviously impossible. The winner is:

Jozsef Tamas from Ireland

Congrats Jozsef, yes, the same Jozsef named in the snark above. Thanks to everyone who participated. We should have another Epic Wheel of Time Giveaway coming just around the corner (sadly US only).


RaveAir said...

Congrats/Gratulálok, József!

Your comment was brilliant. ;)