12 March, 2012

Winner: Epic Wheel of Time Giveaway #3 - The Dragon Reborn

We have a winner to announce, but first the good stuff - the snark.

Remember, if you're name's been mentioned here, you get two free entries into our next giveaway of your choosing, just please let me know when you want to use them.

Snark (somewhat spoilery):
Alternate titles that are more fitting:
The Hunt for the Black Ajah
The Wolfbrother
The Cameo of the Dragon Reborn (Todd Johansen)

I looked up "Snarky" in my Webster Dictionary, No Luck.
I bet Mr. Jordan never used the word either. Don't worry
though, I'm sure your vocabulary will grow in time. :) (Roy Lee, explaining the definition of snark with his snark)

And the grand winner of this awesome giveaway is...

Thomas Vondenhuevel

Congrats Thomas and thanks to all who entered! I'm heartily enjoying the snark and the heartfelt messages about The Wheel of Time. We still have 10 more Epic Wheel of Time Giveaways to go, so you still have a chance.