12 December, 2012

An Apology AND The Sugarplum Favor (A Christmas Story) by Tad Williams

Edit: This Christmas post needed more Christmas.
Last year I was lucky enough to host an exclusive short story on the blog by the legendary fantasy author that is Tad Williams. Sadly, I wasn't around any internet by the time things started working out for this exclusive to happen and therefore, there wasn't nearly enough fanfare and promotion of something that was really quite special for this blog. At the time, it was actually quite amazing it even got posted at all.

However, something could have begun while I did have access to internet, but it was not, and for that I have wronged you. I apologize for this most grievous of errors. With all my many mistakes, I can't think of many worse than this.

However, (and lucky thing for me) Christmas happens to be an annual occurrence, so I am able to make up for my woeful ways in some small degree. In order to prepare you for the coming holidays (and with 13 days to spare for this story's theme), I give you our blog's exclusive short story from Tad Williams:

NOTE: This story was in promotion of Tad Williams' book, A Stark and Wormy Knight, which came out last year. There is a message at the beginning of the story stating that the book is available for $4.99. That was a temporary deal from last year and it is now $9.99.

NOTE #2: Happy holidays! Hope you have some good stuff to read and a large break in which to read them. Also, what are you reading for the holidays, not that it's necessarily holiday themed?