16 December, 2012

The Game of Books - Read to Level Up

Leveling up through the books you read? I'm in. I pretty much do this already with Goodreads and my addiction to "likes."

I thought I'd help spread the word for The Game of Books. This looks too cool not to be a part of.

(thanks Pats)

What makes this even better is the fact that the person who founded The Game of Books is a huge science fiction and fantasy nerd fan. Well, I guess that's probably the only type of person who would come up with this. Someone completely awesome.

More contact info for The Game of Books (not to be confused with Game of Books which doesn't exist):




Daniel B. said...

What a brilliant idea. Think it'll work?

Bryce L. said...

Oh yeah, I'm excited to try it out. It's hard to say how much it will catch on because it still involves reading, but hopefully those who love pokemon, D&D, rpg's, etc. will be fans. At least I would assume.