28 December, 2012

Looking Forward to 2013 - Most Anticipated Books

I've been working on this list for a couple months now and it's just about right to publish to the blog. I may have to update it a few more times, but the following are the books, released in 2013, I plan on reading this upcoming year or at least plan on making an attempt to get to. As you'll see, I still have a few books to read to get to all the new releases this year.

I've placed them by the month (and even the exact date when available), but this in no way means I'll be reviewing them in that same month. I figured it was as good a way as any to put things together, plus people may want to refer back to this (myself included) for those release dates (US only).


Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, A Memory of Light (WoT #14) (Jan. 8) [US] [UK]
Myke Cole, Fortress Frontier (Shadow Ops #2) (Jan. 29) [US] [UK]


Marie Brennan, A Natural History of Dragons (Feb. 5) [US] [UK]
Robert V. S. Redick, The Night of the Swarm (Chathrad Voyages #4) (Feb. 5) [US] [UK]
Robert Jackson Bennett, American Elsewhere (Feb. 12) [US] [UK]
Peter V. Brett, The Daylight War (Demon Cycle #3) (Feb. 12) [US] [UK]


Orson Scott Card, The Gate Thief (Mithermages #2) (Mar. 19) [US] [UK]


John Marco, The Forever Knight (Lukien #4) (Apr. 2) [US] [UK]

John Scalzi, The Human Division (Apr. 2) [US] [UK]
Brian McClellan, Promise of Blood (Apr. 16) [US] [UK]


Westley Chu, The Lives of Tao (May 2) [US] [UK]
Brandon Sanderson, The Rithmatist (May 14) [US] [UK]
Ian C. Esslemont, Blood and Bone (Malazan Empire #5) (May 21) [US] [UK] - Available now in the UK.


Ofir Touche Gafla, The World of the End (Jun. 25) [Goodreads]


Mark Lawrence, Emperor of Thorns (Broken Empire #3) (Aug. 1) [US] [UK]

Michael J. Sullivan, The Crown Tower (Riyria Chronicles #1) (Aug. 3) [US] [UK]


Michael J. Sullivan, The Rose and Thorn (Riyria Chronicles #2) [US] [UK]

Courtney Schafer, The Labyrinth of Flame (Shattered Sigil #3) 
Scott Lynch, The Republic of Thieves (Gentlemen Bastards #3)

Not Counting On:

Patrick Rothfuss, The Doors of Stone (Kingkiller Chronicle #3)
George R.R. Martin, The Winds of Winter (ASoIaF #6) 
Brandon Sanderson, Highprince of War (Stormlight Archive #2) [Title not final]

Non-2013 Release Date Books: (i.e., Books I need to read to catch up)

The Lukien Trilogy by John Marco (The Eyes of God, The Devil's Armor, The Sword of Angels)
The Chathrad Voyages by Robert V.S. Redick (The Red Wolf Conspiracy, The Ruling Sea, The River of Shadows)
The Wheel of Time (A Crown of Swords, Path of Daggers, Winter's Heart, Crossroads of Twilight, Knife of Dreams, The Gathering Storm, Towers of Midnight)
Malazan Empire (Stonewielder and Orb, Sceptre, Throne)
Riyria Revelations (Heir of Novron)

35 in total. 19 new releases. I read about 50 to 60 a year, so this is going to take up the bulk of my reading and this is only through September.

EDIT: There are a few books being released that I probably should have put on this list (Daniel Abraham's Tyrant's Law, Neil Gaiman's Ocean at the End of the Lane, S.A. Corey's Abbadon's Gate), but the ones listed are what I think I actually have a chance of reading this year.

EDIT Feb. 8: Updated some dates for The Daylight War and The Lives of Tao.


Midnight Philosopher said...

Thanks for featuring THE FOREVER KNIGHT buddy. Much appreciated!

Bob/Sally said...

The worst part about these 2013 lists is the realization of how many series I need to catch up with - Brett, Redick, Marco, Esslemont, Lawrence, Sullivan, and Lynch.

The best part . . . having a solid TBR pile to rely on. :)

Unknown said...

Patrick Rothfuss, The Doors of Stone (Kingkiller Chronicle #3)
Brandon Sanderson, Highprince of War (Stormlight Archive #2) -- these were the books i was expecting the most. Hate it when this happens. Then again you did give some interesting book titles here, so maybe i will manage to get through this year after all.

Bryce L. said...

@John Marco - That Todd Lockwood cover was made for frequent display. :)

@Bob - Oh man, it's always so many. If only I could finish a thing or two. :) As I always say, better to have too many in the TBR than too few.

@Augustin - There might still be a chance, I don't actually have the low down on any of that, I just really don't think we can expect those two this year. Thanks for checking out the blog and hope you enjoy some good books.

Umbra said...

I'm sure we won't see The Republic of Thieves =(

Carl V. Anderson said...

Looking forward to checking out Scalzi's episodes of The Human Division as they come out over these next few months. And I'll be buying a hard copy of the book as well.

Also looking forward to Neil Gaiman's new novel.

Desperately wishing book two of The Stormlight Archive would come out.

Lynn said...

Nice. Can't wait for Lynch, Brett and Lawrence. Like you mentioned don't know when we can expect Rothfuss.
Still, plenty to look forward to next year.
Lynn :D

Tim Ward said...

That is a good deal of reading. Seven wheel of time books just to catch up, and isn't the last book mammoth too? Whew. I haven't started that series. There are so many series I want to read, but I'm not sure that will be on the list for a few years. I got Heir of Novron for Christmas and Prince of Thorns just before. After those I haven't read Myke Cole, Peter Brett or Joe Abercrombie. I'm curious about this John Marco fellow. I just read about him on a blog recently... maybe it was yours. Mike Shevdon is finishing up his Courts of the Feyre series. I'm really looking forward to that.