11 December, 2012

Duck and Cover Revisited - The Daylight War (Demon Cycle #3) by Peter V. Brett

So I complained about the US cover of The Daylight War because I thought it didn't quite represent the series as a whole and barely the book itself. I thought I needed to revisit this analysis because the UK cover does everything that was missing in the US.

UK Cover
My main problem was the fact that the US cover didn't show that this was a series full of action. It looks more like a romance book when that's far from the point of the series albeit it's an element. But look at the UK cover! Now that's a cover that's fully representative of the series I love. The silks are there, but so is the fighting pose, the knife, the "I'm gonna cut you" look. Perfect.

The crazy thing is that there's really very little difference in the two, but that makes all the difference.

Here's the US cover for comparison:

US Cover