14 February, 2010

Giveaway: The Left Hand of God, by Paul Hoffman

The Left Hand of God, by Paul HoffmanThe Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman is, for better or worse, one of the hotly anticipated titles of 2010. Reviews have ranged widely in their opinion of the book and have also been sharply divided. Adam at the Wertzone, whose opinion I both respect and agree with in this case puts it quite elegantly when he says:

The Left Hand of God is a work of impressive drabness and unoriginality. There are flashes and glimmers of inspiration here and there which suggest that Hoffman may have a far stronger work in him, but this is certainly not it.

The consensus among the negative reviews seem to be that the The Left Hand of God, quite bluntly, sucks. It is unoriginal, jarring, and feels edited down so as to appeal to a broader audience than it rightly should. The "flawed but..." take on the book, oh so common in a blogosphere reluctant to bite the hand that feeds it, has also flourished.

Then again, we get passionate reviews of The Left Hand of God like that of Liviu over at FBC, who makes a strong defense of the book:

Flawed here and there, sure; easy to pick on if you do not like it, again sure, but The Left Hand of God is such a great read that it beats more technically accomplished but lifeless novels by a mile... Highly, highly recommended and my first A++ novel of 2010.

Partly, the divergent reviews are attributable to the 'hype' surrounding the book. Hype and anticipation lead to expectations which are all too easily missed, which in turn leads to reviews that implicitly smack of betrayal of one sort or another. Then again, maybe it is just a bad book.

And so, readers, to resolve the debate I propose to let you form your own opinion! Is The Left Hand of God an A++ novel or affront to the genre? You be the judge.

Giveaway Rules

Want a copy of The Left Hand of God, by Paul Hoffman? Done. Just follow these simple giveaway instructions for your chance to win (giveaway runs till 2/28/10 @ 11:59 PM EST):

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ediFanoB said...

I must admit I haven't read the book so far. Would be difficult to read it without a copy.
But one of my strict rules is never to take part in giveaways when I'm part of the blog.
Alec, thanks for additional info about the mixed reviews.

Good Luck to all participants.

Liviu said...

The irony is that I had no idea of the hype when I got an arc from my co-editor Robert as well as reading his pre-published review in which he was mentioning said hype and which I delayed posting for several days just to have time to add my thoughts to...

I am now reading the novel the 3rd time - actually parts of it the 4th time since usually with novels I love a lot, I read 100-200 pages, whatever time allows in a sitting, then reread them (faster) before going on - and I am still loving it and finding it interesting.

The mix-match of historical references/names, the mix-match of styles and the continual twists and turns just work extraordinarily well for me, though I can see how "quick as boiled asparagus", Duena (mercenary diplomatic service), Odessa, Kiev, Memphis (Elvis anyone!) Materazzi (!!) empire, gauleiter and all can jar people to no end...

Rebekah said...

In my view everybody must go through it.