24 February, 2010

Quick Review - Sepulchral Earth by Tim Marquitz

As you can see from my review, I'm really glad I gave Armageddon Bound a chance. Tim has a unique sense of humor and writes one heck of an action scene. Needless to say, I've been converted.

In light of this, I was excited to be contacted with Tim's newest creation, Sepulchral Earth, The Long Road, part one of a serial novella set for release on March 1, 2010. As it's just under 50 pages, I'll make this quick. Here's the blurb:

Two years after the furious dead rose up to murder the living, the
remnants of mankind face a brutal extinction. Wretched and broken, trading
humanity for life, the survivors suffer under the inevitable shadow of

Aided by friendly spirits, the necromancer Harlan Cole wages war against
the merciless forces of the undead. Driven to bring peace to the souls of
his wife and daughter, Harlan vows to return the dead to their graves, or
join them trying.
This was a unique dark fantasy spin on the post-apocalyptic zombie tale that was able to suck me in from the beginning. Sepulchral Earth takes on a much more serious tone than Armageddon Bound, but still delivers on action and suspense while giving us an initial glimpse at the protagonist, Harlan Cole. Magic and monsters are combined as Harlan fends for his life and others on his journey to make the world whole again. I would recommend this to anyone who's remotely interested in the zombie sub-genre.

Sepulchral Earth, The Long Road (March 1, 2010; website) is being released in eBook (Kindle, PDF, etc.) and Trade Paperback according to Damnation Books' variable pricing. This is the first in 3 part series.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher


The Reader said...

Hi Bryce

Thanks for the Mini-review, I'm going to review this on FBC as well(hoepfully next week).

Tim has some real cool ideas for this world planned up and it will be intersting to see where he takes the story.


Bryce L. said...

Hey Mihir,

Yeah, i really had fun with this one and good to know it will only get cooler. :)

Interested in your take, can't wait.