21 February, 2010

News: The Truth of Valor, by Tanya Huff

Tanya Huff, Valor series
One of my guilty pleasures is reading some of the wonderfully fast paced military sci-fi of Tanya Huff. Her Valor series is arguably my favorite in that self-indulgent niche, so I was very excited to learn that she has sent the fifth book, The Truth of Valor, to her publisher. She is forthcoming on her blog about future projects as well - next up seems to be Napoleonic Werewolves...

Anyway, for anyone that hasn't given the series a chance and enjoys spacey military action, the Valor series is highly recommended. Incidentally, in the same niche you will also find David Gunn and his Death's Head series, which is a bit rougher around the edges but enjoyable nonetheless.