25 February, 2010

Giveaway: Seeds of Earth, by Michael Cobley

Michael's review of Seeds of Earth strong-armed me into adding the book to my pile-0-shame. Nuf said.

Giveaway Rules

Want a copy of Seeds of Earth? Done. Just follow these simple giveaway instructions for your chance to win (giveaway runs till 3/10/10 @ 11:59 PM EST):

1) E-mail me [bloggeratf@gmail.com] your name and address, with the title of the book in caps, as the subject. Snarky comments increase your chances of winning and the snarkiest comment of the week gets free entries for future giveaways.
2) Sign up for site updates either in RSS or with Friend Connect on the side. This will also let you know about future giveaways!
3) Think happy thoughts.
4) (OPTIONAL) Share or link to any post on the blog--this earns you brownie points as well as increasing your (if you have made it this far) already significant odds.
5) There is no rule number five. I just like odd numbers.


Woodge said...

Alec, I'm noticing some similarity to your giveaway rules. Cut & paste much?

bloggeratf said...

Hmmmm. That can count as your snark. Now all you need to do is enter... and yea of course I copy paste. Sometimes I'll throw in an extra requirement though. Like mandatory snark, or no one with two "o"s in their name can enter. Stuff like that.

Bryce L. said...

hahaha, zing!

ediFanoB said...


in case rules doesn't change it would be a waste of time and energy not to use copy and paste.

By the way I know around a dozen of blogs which doesn't change giveaway rules.

And as Alec wrote, copy and paste your comment....

Good luck for you and allother participants.

Unknown said...

ediFanoB -
Well said.. I love cut and paste.

Not feeling snarky today. :)

bloggeratf said...

If you can't bring your snark A game... We punish bad snark here at OTB.

Unknown said...

Now you've bated me...

Pleeeeeeze....snark is not a game its a way of life..

Hows that - better?