16 February, 2010

Winners: Drood, by Dan Simmons

Two notable pieces of Snark this week for which I will award two bonus entries each. Yetikeeper dropped this gem:

I would love to give you a snarky comment but I believe your understanding of the Irish language is worse than mine.

The other piece of colorful prose came from Jer White:

Snarky comments... why don't you just ask a normal question I can google?

Snark fail of the week, which was just plain mean, goes to Joe Scanlon. You just lost the right to enter the next two giveaways...

Dan Simmons went to my undergrad, other than that, he pretty much has nothing going for him.

Slowly but surely, you guys are refining your snark - I am so proud!

Last but not least, the grand winner of the Drood giveaway is none other than Dan Simmons, who entered the contest! Ok, ok, that wasn't very convincing. Congratulations to Maarten Bouwman, who lives all the way over in Italy. I think I might just deliver the book personally...

Check out The Left Hand of God giveaway, and good luck!


Maarten said...

Can't believe I won!
Hope "Drood" arrives before my son's finishes "The Fall of Hyperion" (I've read it some years ago).
You'r always welcome to drop by personally even if the Milan Area in't very turistic.
Thanks again.



ediFanoB said...

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy DROOD as much as I did.